Our Services

1. The service provided via Number Portability Clearing House (NPCH):

Porting & Porting query:

Porting of a number from donor network to the recipient network is done through several steps. Different levels of validation and checking are performed within the porting. Porting query is an important part in the porting system.

2. The service provided via Central Number Portability Database (CNPDB):

Database History:

After porting of the number is successful, the porting history is saved in the database. This Database history is broadcasted to all the operators.

Lookup service:

Number Portability Lookup finds the network operator of any cellular phone number and identifies disconnected, invalid, or non-mobile numbers.It can identify the mobile operator, IMSI and MSC of mobile/cellular numbers in real-time by querying the home location register (HLR) of the operator network. This has applications in routing and security/fraud prevention.

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